Meditate On What Kind Of A Customer You Are

, , , | Right | November 7, 2018

(I’m working the cash register when a customer with a full cart comes up to the counter. She looks like she just came from the yoga studio next door, and is wearing a shirt with an ohm symbol. She doesn’t look at me during the entire transaction, flicking through her phone and ignoring me until I state her total.)

Customer: *staring, in a very curt tone* “I’m a member.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I see that you entered your number, and it went through.”

Customer: “So, where’s my discount?”

Me: *looking over the order* “It doesn’t look like any of the items you purchased today are one of our member prices, but you do get all the regular sale prices, so you saved ten dollars today.”

Customer: “I was supposed to get five dollars off with my membership.”

Me: “Did you have a coupon or rewards?”

Customer: “Nooooo, because I spent over $65. I got an email about it.” *snatches a flyer off the end of the register and shoves it close to my face* “There, see?!”

Me: *taking the flyer and turning it around to show her* “Actually, that is a promotion for our weekend event. It’s an extra incentive in addition to the sales prices we’ll be having that day. The company sent out emails to announce it ahead of time.”

(I point out the dates, which are in large print right in the header. I’m not supposed to take money off manually unless the rewards they earned didn’t go through, not when they are outside the defined parameters of the offer.)

Customer: “Well! In that case, you can just take all of this back!”

Me: *winces as she throws some of the items on the counter with unnecessary force, bruising the apples and threatening to break glass* “Ma’am, please be careful. We need these items to be in resellable condition.”

(As I cancel the transaction, she rants about how horrible this place is, how she’s never coming back, how she’ll tell everyone she knows to never come here, that she’s an “influencer,” and that our establishment is going to wither and die. Then, she slams her fists on the counter, leans over with an absolutely unhinged expression and spit flying, and delivers this gem of a line:)

Customer: “I can’t come back during your stupid sale, because I’m going to be meditating all day.

(The customer behind her during this exchange burst out laughing, and I was speechless, as it was taking all my concentration to keep my face neutral.  In retrospect, maybe I should have taken the money off, anyway, because of the bottom line, but it was worth it just for that.)

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