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Mediocre Media

| Learning | August 8, 2013

(We are in media class, and working on magazine covers. We have taken the pictures last lesson, and it is now time to edit them and put them together. The teacher opens the laptop trolley.)

Teacher: “Right, I only want you on these for five minutes this lesson.”

(It takes two minutes for the old machines to boot, and another three to login and load Photoshop. Sure enough, she opens the trolley again.)

Teacher: “Okay, everybody, shut down and put the laptops away, then get on with some work.”

(We do as asked, putting them away and sitting down. We end up sitting there for two hours, doing nothing, because the only work we have is on the laptops. At the end of the lesson, she starts complaining.)

Teacher: “Where is your work? Have you been sitting there ALL LESSON!?”

Friend: “On the laptops you put away.”

Teacher: “Nonsense. Everyone get out of my classroom!”

(We report her to the head of media immediately after. She never made that particular mistake again.)

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