Meatballs For Brains

, , , , , | Right | August 8, 2019

(A customer orders a meatball sandwich as usual. I begin placing meatballs on the sandwich.)

Customer: “No! Not like that!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. What wrong?”

Customer: “You’re doing it wrong.”

Me: “Doing what wrong?”

Customer: “Never mind.”

(I’m almost done with his sub when he demands I remake the sandwich.)

Customer: “Now, put them on there the right way.”

Me: “Like this?”

(I proceed to place the meatballs on the sub a different way than I was trained to do.)

Customer: “NO! Are you stupid? Where did you learn how to make a meatball sandwich?!”

Me: “Can you please explain what I’m doing wrong, sir?”

Customer: “Put them on the flat part!”

(Assuming he meant the meatballs, I remade the sandwich again and he paid and left with it. A few minutes later, he returned from the parking lot with the sandwich unwrapped and nibbled on and proceeded to lob it over the counter at me, getting meatballs everywhere, and then left again.)

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