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(My sister just graduated from a medical school in the USA and is about to start her residency. Her husband is really proud of his wife being an MD, because both his family and ours are very much working-class, and none of our parents went to college. His parents didn’t even finish high school, and he is only one of his siblings to get a college degree. While he is professionally successful and makes good money, his wife’s academic success is a matter of great pride and joy for him. As a present to my sister, my brother-in-law books a two-week-long trip to Europe, where they will visit us and travel to a couple of other places. Apparently, he put “Dr. and Mr. [Last Name]” on all their reservations. My partner and I live in a tiny flat, so my sister and brother-in-law are going to stay at a hotel nearby. I pick them up at the airport and drive them to the hotel. The following interaction occurs, and I can hardly stop myself from laughing throughout it.)

Brother-In-Law: “Hello. We have a reservation for Doctor and Mr. [Last Name].”

Clerk: *looking at my brother-in-law* “Welcome to [Hotel], Doctor [Last Name]. We’ll need your passports and a credit card.”

Brother-In-Law: “Sure. But I am not the doctor.” *pointing to my sister* “She is.” *to my sister* “Honey, do you have our passports?”

Clerk: “Of course, Doctor [Last Name]. Will you be needing two keys for you and your wife?”

Sister: *handing the clerk the passports while my brother-in-law gets the credit card* “Actually, not that it matters, but I am Doctor [Last Name], and my husband is Mr. [Last Name]. Here are the passports.”

Clerk: “Thank you, Mrs. [Last Name].” *types in the info in the computer; then looks at my brother-in-law again and hands him the passports* “Here are your passports, Dr. [Last Name]. It’s a pleasure to have you stay with us. Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 9:30. Your room is on the second floor. The lifts are to your left.”

Sister: *looking at her husband* “And that is why I never want you to put ‘doctor’ on any forms for me ever again, sweetheart.”

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