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(I am 16 and looking for work. I’ve been applying to places on job sites, and also handing in my CV to all the corner shops in town. Due to my lack of experience, I never get a response from anywhere. My mam doesn’t seem to understand this and believes I’m just “not trying hard enough” and just “don’t want a job.”)

Mam: “Have you even tried applying to McDonald’s? McDonald’s is always hiring!”

Me: “I already looked on their website. See?” *shows her page* “There are loads of listings on this page for whatever jobs they have, and our local one isn’t here. They aren’t hiring.”

Mam: “Oh, that doesn’t make sense! They are always hiring! If it isn’t on the website, then you just need to hand in your CV in person. They’ll think that’s better, anyway.”

Me: “McDonald’s doesn’t hire like that, Mam. It has to be through the website.”

Mam: “I’m sure you don’t even want to work. How are you meant to get a job if you won’t even apply anywhere?!”

Me: “I’ve literally applied everywhere else I can. They just aren’t hiring right now.”

Mam: “Right! Well, I’m just going to drive you there now, and you’ll hand in your CV!”

Me: “There’s no point! I’ve told you they aren’t hiring.”

Mam: “But McDonald’s is always hiring!”

(We make the drive over. I go in by myself and have this awkward exchange with the manager while they are swamped with people.)

Me: “Hi, I was looking at jobs on the website, and there was no listing for this place, so I was wondering if I could give you my CV.”

Manager: “Um… Yeah. I mean, I can take it, and we can look it over, but there’s no listing because we aren’t hiring at the minute. Just keep checking the website for an opening.”

(When I get in the car and tell my Mam, she says the same thing she always says when I am right about something but she still drags me through whatever nonsense, anyway:)

Mam: “At least we know for certain, now!”

(I already knew for certain.)

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