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Maybe They Thought It Said “Skip Milk & Eggs”?

, , , | Right | March 16, 2021

The store I work at sells a lot of vegan items, the ice cream being really popular. Though we do have the dairy-free ice cream in the same areas as the dairy ice cream, it is relatively easy to spot the dairy-free ones. The ingredients are always clear, too, in case it is not obvious elsewhere on the package.

I am working the register when I have a girl around twelve years of age come up with her mother with an ice cream pint. The girl explains:

Girl: “My mom and I read the ingredients list and it doesn’t list milk or eggs as an ingredient, but on the allergen part it says, ‘Contains milk and eggs.’ I want to know if it has milk and eggs.”

I ask her for the ice cream to look myself, thinking that it is strange for something to contain milk and eggs and not have them listed in the ingredients.

I look on the back and the first two ingredients listed are “skim milk, eggs.” I internally facepalm.

Me: “The ingredients do list milk and eggs.”

Girl: “So does it have milk and eggs?”

Me: “Yes, but we do have plenty of dairy-free ice cream.”

They walked out of the store looking confused.

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