Maybe They Should Have Jumped The Gun

, , , | Right | December 14, 2020

I work in a hotel. It’s a hundred-room property where I work as the sole employee on my shifts.

Our property has been a bit busier than usual because there have been widespread power outages after a nasty ice storm in town. This weekend, we are about packed full.

One of the guests is a homeless man whose room is being paid for by a local nonprofit.

This guest was a s***ty guest before this incident. He and his party would not wear masks on the property despite being repeatedly asked. His room received several noise complaints, and there was a lot of suspicious activity in and out of the room. Despite this, my general manager refused to kick them out.

But then, one night, the guest gets drunk and discharges a firearm off his balcony.

Several other guests freak out, complain, etc. But the worst of it is that a twenty-five-room group reservation wants to check out four days early because they are concerned about the safety of the property. Because of this, as well as other guests checking out early, one guest’s drunken gunplay costs our property over $8,000 of revenue that we would have gained from those who checked out early.

That finally got my manager to get rid of him and put him on the do-not-reserve list. I hope he starts listening to the advice of us front desk managers on when to boot someone in the future, but I’m not optimistic.

Source: Reddit (Credit: tracibaker328, Original Story)

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