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Maybe They Should Copy A Dollar For Next Time

, , , | Right | December 9, 2020

I work at a post office. We are not a copy center. If someone needs copies made, we’ll oblige, but the cost is $1 per page. Sometimes we waive or reduce fees for one reason or another, but some time ago, my bosses decided to crack down on making sure we collect. One of them even purchased a sign proclaiming the price and hung it over the copier. Since that day, we have been more diligent about collecting the dollar.

A regular comes up with two pages that he wants copied, but the copier in the lobby isn’t working. I offer to help him.

Me: “All right, I can copy these back here for you. It will just be $2.”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to pay $2.”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “I want the copies, but I don’t want to pay.”

At first, I think I misheard him, but no, that is really, truly, literally what he said. I look to my coworkers, unsure how to respond, but everyone is busy.

Me: “Um… copies are $1. There’s a sign.”

Customer: “I’m not paying $1! It’s ridiculous, and [Boss] knows it’s ridiculous! I never pay!”

Me: “So… do you want these back, then?” 

I give him back the originals and he stomps out. I figure that’s the end of it, but later that day, my boss calls us and speaks to my coworker.

Coworker: “Ugh. You’re not gonna believe this, but [Regular] is coming back and [Boss] wants me to make the copies for him myself and not charge him! She had me on one phone and him on the other, and I could hear him yelling! She said that copies were never a dollar. They bought the sign!

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