Maybe They Cancelled That Card For A Reason

, , , , | Right | June 25, 2018

Customer: “I just picked up my online order, but it took forever to get here, so I already ordered it somewhere else. Can I return it?”

(It is past the return date, but I decide to help her out.)

Me: “Sure!”

(I scan the receipt, and the system automatically refunds it to the credit card it was purchased on, as per PCI compliance and credit card industry standards.)

Me: “All right, [total] has been automatically refunded to your credit card.”

Customer: “Wait! That card is cancelled! You have to refund it to a different one!”

Me: “I’m sorry, the system automatically refunds to the tender you paid with. It doesn’t give us an option because of credit card compliance standards. Is your new card with the same bank?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Then the bank should automatically redirect the credit to your new card. If you take the receipt to your bank, they should be able to verify for you that the credit went to the new account.”

Customer: “Why do I have to go to the bank? You should have told me it would go to the cancelled card before you did the return!”

Me: “Like I said, your bank should automatically take care of it for you and redirect to the new account.”

Customer: “But it’s a different bank. You should have done the refund to my new card!”

Me: “You just told me it was the same bank. If it’s a different one, I can call our accounting department and see if there’s a way to void this out. Let me see what I can do.”

Customer: “You should have told me it would go to the closed card before you did the transaction!”

Me: *now annoyed and amused that she is picking a fight with me when I’m trying to help her* “No, you should have told me the card was cancelled when you tried to return it.”

Customer: “No, you should have told me it would go to the cancelled card!”

(Yes, dear. My psychic brain should have known better. I guess it’s my fault for agreeing to do the return in the first place.)

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