Maybe There Is A Reason She Stopped Saving You A Copy

, , , | Right | June 21, 2018

(Four times a year we get a free magazine that covers what is on over the whole of North Wales. We do not publish it; we simply get delivered a dozen copies to give out.)

Customer: “I’ve come to get [Free Magazine].”

Me: “I’m really sorry, but we haven’t had this seasons copy’s delivered yet.”

Customer: “I’ve come to get [Free Magazine].”

Me: “I’m sorry. But we don’t have them yet. They should be delivered in a couple of weeks.”

Customer: “But the girl always saves one for me.”

Me: “We haven’t had them delivered yet. Do you know the name of the person that saves one for you? When they arrive, I can remind her.”

Customer: “Lindsey. I want [Free Magazine]; the girl saves it for me.”

Me: “We don’t have a Lindsey who works here. Do you remember what she looks like?”

Customer: “Short grey hair. She always saves me a copy. Who are you, anyway? I come here all the time, and I’ve never seen you!

Me: “I’ve been here seven years. You used to come to the craft group we ran. I really am sorry, but I do not have a copy to give you. Sometimes the local supermarkets get the magazine in before we do. They are still free, so you could try there.”

Customer: “I’m not walking all the way there. THE GIRL ALWAYS SAVES ME A COPY!”

(This conversation goes around in circles for about 15 minutes before she storms out of the building saying the one thing that will get to anyone who works in customer service…)

Customer: “You know, you could try smiling!”

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