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Maybe Their Computer Is Smoking?

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I work from home for a vape company. I mostly deal with customers via email and instant chat. One day, I get this email.

Customer: “Hello, I would like to return my product for a refund, please. What’s the process?”

Me: “Hello! I need to ask a few questions first. Have you used the product? Is it still sealed? When did you purchase the product, and which one? Please let me know and we will get started.”

Customer: “It’s still factory sealed, never been used. It’s [Computer Brand].”

Me: “Sir, I’m afraid there’s been some kind of misunderstanding. We don’t sell computers. This is [Company].”

Customer: “I thought you said you’d accept the refund! You’re going back on your word?”

Me: “Sir, where did you purchase your computer from? I would recommend that you contact the company where you originally purchased the computer and they will help you. I cannot do anything as you didn’t buy the computer from us. We do not sell computers.”

Customer: “It’s unopened! I just want my money back!”

Me: “Sir. This is [Company]. We’re a vape company. We’ve never sold computers. You need to contact the company that you bought the computer from. I cannot help you.”

Customer: “Well then, I have [our most expensive product] and I want a refund! Will you help me now?!

Me: “Do you have a receipt or proof of purchase you can send? I’ll need a picture of the product in its packaging, as well, please.”

Customer: “I don’t have a receipt; just take it back. I want my money back! I want to talk to your boss!”

Even in a work-from-home job, you still get THOSE customers.

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