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Maybe That’s The Sound Of Mom Banging Her Head Against The Wall

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A couple of years ago, I shared an apartment with two other guys. It was really cheap for the area, and I got along well with them. The only issue was that we lived under a family whose kids apparently loved jumping off furniture randomly at night. The ceiling was already thin enough that walking around could cause audible thumps, but we mostly got used to that.

However, the kids upstairs would randomly decide to jump off their beds or something at midnight, causing a thunderous bang which would inevitably wake us up, followed by several more bangs as they’d jump off more furniture until they finally got bored.

We complained to the landlord whose initial response was to promise to talk to the family upstairs, but absolutely nothing changed. After more complaints, the landlord came over in the middle of the day, stood in our apartment for about ten seconds, declared that he didn’t hear anything, and then left, completely ignoring us trying to tell him that the issue was noise happening at night.

Finally, after a particularly rough day at work, when I just wanted to sleep, the banging woke us all up once again. This time, I climbed up on a chair in the middle of the room and started pounding on the ceiling while shouting at them to “Shut up and go to bed!”

The banging stopped, there was the sound of scurrying feet, and everything seemed quiet.

And then the banging started again.

We decided that they probably thought it was all a game and resolved to make yet another complaint in the morning. However, about a minute later, there was a banging on our door. I went to open it and found a woman standing there, who I figured must be the mother from upstairs.

She immediately started hissing at me about how they were trying to sleep and what did I think I was doing? But right in the middle of her scolding, her kids once again pounced on the ceiling, resulting in one of the biggest bangs yet.

She actually jumped. I just pointed up at the ceiling and told her that we wanted to sleep, too, but we couldn’t when a bunch of brats were bouncing up and down on the ceiling.

She didn’t say anything else, just ran off, but things were quiet for the next couple of nights. Then, the banging started up again.

I was so glad to find a new place shortly after that, which either had quieter people upstairs or just thicker ceilings.