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Maybe Someone Stole Some Of His Brain Cells

, , , | Working | February 19, 2020

(While shopping, I come across two reusable nappy boosters which don’t have their packaging. Since I am buying some and know they come in packs of three, it is obvious that someone has taken a design they wanted and left the loose ones with no packet. I want to hand the loose ones in to a staff member so they don’t get stolen, and so they can maybe sell them later on if they find other ripped or open bags.)

Me: “Hi, excuse me. Someone has taken these out the packet and they might get nicked; can I hand them in to you?”

Floor Staff: “You can’t take any out the packet.”

Me: “No, someone else has done that. I just want to hand them in, you know, in case you have other broken sets out back to put them in or something.”

Floor Staff: “They came out of that bag; they just need to go back in.” *opens the last pack on the shelf and looks around for the spare boosters that I’m still holding*

Me: “No, see, they come in packs of three.” *shows the packs I’m buying which clearly say they come with three* “Two more would make five. There is no packet for these two, so someone has probably nicked one and left these. I just want to hand them in.”

Floor Staff: “I can’t sell these to you.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “I don’t think you understand. I don’t want to buy them; I just want to give them to you because they’re open and not a full set!”

Floor Staff: *shakes head* “No discounts. We don’t do discounts.”

(At that point, I give up and continue my shopping thinking, I’ll hand them in to a cashier whether they understand me or not.)

Me: “Hi. These have no packet and are meant to be in sets of three. Can I hand them in to you to put out back in case you find more loose ones and can make sets and so no one steals them?”

Cashier: “Oh, yeah! Thanks, I’ll put them aside and have a look. Thanks, sometimes people try to sneak stuff out of multipacks.”

(That lovely cashier managed to totally undo all the stress his colleague had caused. I still don’t know how they completely failed to hear or understand what I was trying to do!)

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