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Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s The Devil

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I start working seasonal retail at a large store that is known to be “better” than some other retail establishments and has a fancy nickname to some people.

This particular store is located in a city that is gradually being taken over by a large, conservative Christian college, and some of the parents that come to visit their college-age children can be a lot to handle. They are pushy and entitled, and they tend to make a scene about the tiniest things.

I have naturally light brown hair and decide one day to dye my hair a darker shade of brown. I pick out a really nice cola-brown color and go home and dye my hair myself. It looks great and I absolutely love it!

When I return to work the next day, I am busily refolding the sweaters when I hear a loud, horrified gasp. I turn, thinking something is wrong, and see a short woman in a fur coat and overly-permed hair gaping at me. Standing next to her is her confused-looking daughter who attends the nearby college. I have seen this woman and her daughter before and have even served them on the registers when we get super busy. She is extremely religious but is always polite to me, telling me to have a “blessed day” at the end of our transactions.

I smile and wave, and before I can even open my mouth to greet her, she suddenly says loudly:

Customer:She dyed her hair! She gave up her God-given hair color! She is the antichrist! She is the spawn of Satan!

I gape at her, and her poor daughter looks like she wants to crawl under the clothing racks and die, but the mom continues:

Customer: “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ, sinner! Beg for forgiveness or He shall smite you where you stand!”

I lose it. I unapologetically burst out laughing and walk away — I need to take my break anyway — and laugh my way to the break room. My coworkers ask me what’s funny.

Me: “I hope you guys don’t mind that [Store] hired the Spawn of Satan!”

I recounted the interaction with the guest. We all had a good laugh, even the store manager thought it was funny, and I didn’t get in trouble for walking away from a guest!

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