Maybe Pocahontas Watched Hercules

| Learning | April 11, 2014

(I’m in the fourth semester of a four-part ancient Greek course. We changed professors at the beginning of the semester and this new one is known to be very difficult and much older than the last one. The only people left in the class are me and my friend, who is a graduate student.)

Professor: “[Friend], can you translate this for me?”

Friend: “It’s something about a river.”

Professor: “It’s a very famous quote attributed to Heraklitus and it goes something along the lines of ‘You can’t step in the same river twice.'”

Friend and Me: *laughing*

Professor: “You’re laughing because you understand what the quote means, right?”

Friend: “No, no. It’s a song from Pocahontas.”

Me: *singing*Just around the river bend!

Professor: “Apparently Pocahontas was an avid student of Heraklitus.”

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