Maybe Lack Of Observational Skills Should Be Listed As One Of The Symptoms?

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It is the middle of the global health crisis. I enter a fast food restaurant just behind an older gentleman who pulls down his mask around his chin the second he enters the door. Most of the dining area has been closed off, except for two tables by the ordering counter. The gentleman notices this.

Customer: “What happened to all the tables?”

He wanders over to the pastries, mask still down, to look at them, and then he steps up to order. There is a plastic barrier between the register and customer, but he leans to the side so there is nothing between him and the register.

Customer: “I’ll have a coffee, and one of those muffins.”

Cashier: *Enters the order* “Okay, and will that be anything else?”

Customer: *Leans over the counter* “Where’s my coffee? Will you bring my coffee?”

The cashier points at a small table to the left.

Cashier: “Someone will bring it there. That’ll be [price], please.”

Customer: *Leans over the counter again* “What?”

Cashier: “[Price], please.”

Customer: “Where are all the tables?”

Cashier: “We had to remove them for health reasons, sir.”

Customer: “What?”

Cashier: “Health reasons. How would you like to pay?”

The customer pays and moves near to where I am standing. I quickly step up to order, not wanting to be anywhere near this guy, who still hasn’t put his mask back on. After I order, I wait to the side for my food and the guy walks back up to the cashier.

Customer: “Where’s my coffee? Will you bring it to me?”

Cashier: *Points at the table again* “Someone will bring it there soon.”

He gets his coffee after a minute and goes to sit down at one of the tables to have his coffee and muffin. After another minute, he gets back up and starts looking at the place where utensils and napkins usually would be. Most restaurants no longer set them out for health reasons, including this one. I back away when he comes near me with his mask still off. He then marches up to the counter and leans around the plastic barrier.

Customer: “Where are the napkins? And what happened to all the tables?”

The cashier grabs some napkins and moves so the barrier is between her and the customer.

Cashier: “You need to put on a mask while you’re not eating.”

Customer: “What?”

The cashier holds out the napkins and indicates her mask.

Cashier: “You need to wear a mask.”

He grabbed the napkins from her and stomped away without another word, scowling.

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