Maybe It’s Just A Periodic Phase

| USA | Learning | January 30, 2017

(My friend is bisexual. Everyone knows except her parents, who are anti-LGBT. This is the last month of twelfth grade, so she decides to come out to her parents soon. She figures even if she gets disowned, she can rent a place. Her older brother, who has a steady job, also offered to let her live with him for awhile. In Chemistry, we are supposed to draw an element out of a cup and do research on it. On the last day, our parents are supposed to come and watch our presentation. My friend goes up to the teacher and says something. She comes back to her seat, satisfied. Everyone except her draws an element.)

Me: “Why didn’t you draw anything?”

Friend: ”You’ll see.”

(On the last day, she is the last to go up.)

Friend: “My element is bismuth.”

(She gives her presentation. At the end, she holds up a nametag that says “Bi” which is the element symbol for bismuth. She puts it on.)

Friend: “I am bismuth. I am Bi.”

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