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Maybe His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite?

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I was riding a late-night train and a few meters away from me was a group of three drunken bums making all kinds of chaos.

The train stopped, and a woman with a rather large German Shepherd boarded. He was leashed and was wearing a muzzle. The pair quietly took a seat and the woman took out her phone.

One of the bums then made a LOUD whistle at the dog, causing him to turn his head and growl. The bums cracked up laughing, and the woman gave the dog a reassuring rub on the head.

Moments later, another one of them made a loud wolf howl, causing the dog to get up and snarl. The trio of bums cracked up laughing louder.

Saying nothing, the woman calmly removed the dog’s muzzle, unhooked his leash, and went back to playing on her phone.

That was when the bums got quiet. REALLY quiet.

Eventually, one of them said:

Bum: “We have to get off at this stop here. Do you mind?”

He gestured at the door beyond them and then at the unleashed dog, who was by now sitting smack in the middle of the aisle.

The woman did not look up from her phone.

Woman: “Well, get off, then! Why are you asking me?”

They ended up riding a good seven or eight stops past their destination until the woman finally got off with her dog.

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