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Maybe He’s Your Uncle?

, , , | Right | May 8, 2019

(My wife works in a bank as a teller. They are required to always be smiling and helpful to their members. My wife relayed this little gem to me today after she got home from work. The customer in question is in his mid-twenties.)

Customer: “I’d like to deposit this in my account.” *shoves a wad of crumpled up bills under the window*

Teller: “Of course, sir… May I have your account number, please?”

Customer: “Uh… I don’t know my account number.”

Teller: “Not a problem, sir; I can look it up for you. May I have your social security number?”

Customer: “I… um… I don’t know it.”

Teller: “That’s all right; I can find it by your name.”

Customer: “Okay.”

Teller: “…”

Customer: *silent*

Teller: “Sir… may I have your name, please?”

Customer: “Oh… yeah… okay… It’s Bob.”

Teller: “Bob?”

Customer: “Yeah, Bob.”

Teller: “May I please have your last name, Bob?”

Customer: “Huh?”

(At this point, I cut her off. This is why I wouldn’t be able to work a job like that anymore. I would NOT be able to sit there quietly, smiling, and continue to help this man. I’d be fired.)

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