Maybe He’s Standing In The Middle Of The Missouri River?

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I work as a customer service rep at a call center for a major wireless carrier in the USA.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Wireless Company]. My name is [My Name]. May I have your first and last name, please?”

Customer: “Yeah, I don’t have no account with y’all but, I just bought this phone off a girl and I need it unlocked.”

Me: “Unlocked?”

Customer: “Yeah. She said she was really intoxicated when she changed the lock pattern and we tried it a few times and she can’t remember what it is. She told me to call the number under the battery and y’all would tell me how to unlock it.”

Me: “So, you bought it from someone who forgot their lock pattern? Is the phone still on their account?”

Customer: “Naw, she said she didn’t have enough money to turn it back on, so she sold it to me, but she was real intoxicated when she changed the pattern and now we can’t unlock it.”

Me: “Is she there with you?”

Customer: “Naw, she an’ her boyfriend already left.”

Me: “All right, well, let me see what I can do. I’ll be honest; this sounds a little strange, so I’m worried the phone might be stolen.”

Customer: “Stolen? Well, is there any way I can still use it?”

Me: “If it’s been reported as lost or stolen then no, we wouldn’t be able to activate it on another service.”

I get the device ID number and check it out, and sure enough, it comes up on another person’s account. They’ve already claimed it as lost or stolen and a replacement from the insurance company has been sent out.

Me: “Yeah, I’m sorry, that phone is reported as lost or stolen. What I’d recommend would be to take it into a [Company] store or to a police station and turn it in.”

Customer: “I’m new to this area so I don’t know where a store is.”

Me: “I can look that up; what’s the zip code?”

Customer: “I don’t know what it is; I’m stayin’ with a friend.”

Me: “Okay, and you can’t get a zip code?”

Customer: “Well, I’m stayin’ at a shelter.”

Me: “Do you know the shelter’s zip code?”

Customer: “Yeah, but I can’t give that out ‘cause it’s a shelter for domestic violence.”

Me: “All right, do you know what city it is?”

Customer: “[City].”

Me: “What state is that in?”

Customer: “Nebraska.”

Me: “All right, we don’t have a direct store there, but I can look up an authorized dealer.”

Customer: “Can I just take it to the Po-lice?”

Me: “Yes, you can.”

Customer: “Think the owner will give me a reward for findin’ it?”

Me: “I can’t say; that’s up to them, if they decide to claim it. I can note on the account where you’re taking it. So, it’d be at the police station in [City], Nebraska, right?”

Customer: “Iowa!”

Me: “Okay, [City], Iowa.”

Customer: “Yeah… I paid $75.00 for this phone. You sure they won’t give me my money back?”

Me: “Well, you can take it to the police and file a report, and if they catch the girl who sold it to you, then you could probably get it back, but I honestly don’t know how else you would.”

Customer: “Can you ask the owner if they’ll give me money back?”

Me: “No… No, I can’t ask that. If they do, that’s up to them.”

Customer: “I really wish I could get my money back for buyin’ this phone, but I’ll take it in to the police station. You gonna tell the owners I found it?”

Me: “Noted on the account that it’s at a police station in [City], Iowa.”

Customer: “NEBRASKA!”

Me: “Nebraska? You said Iowa.”

Customer: “It is Iowa!”

Me: “All right, so [City], Iowa, right?”

Customer: “YES! Man, I could really have used that $75.00.”

Me: “Sorry about that. Anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: “Naw, unless you can gimme my $75.00 back.”

Me: “Sorry. Next time, call us before you actually buy the phone, okay?”

Customer: “I can do that?”

Me: “Yep… it prevents things like this.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, y’all should advertise that on the phones or somethin’.”

Me: “I’ll pass that along. Have a good night!”

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