Maybe He’s Planning On The Ice To Be Yellow?

, , , | Right | March 21, 2019

(For reference, our bags of ice are stored outside, and you can’t see the storage containers from inside the store. If you were to point toward them from the registers, you would be pointing directly at our customer service desk.)

Customer: “I need yellow.”

Me: “Yellow? Um…”

Customer: “Yellow.”

(The customer points to the customer service desk, right at these yellow Western Union card things we have.)

Customer: “Yellow book.”

(Note: he could have also said “yellow bag”)

Me: “The Western Union?”

(A manager conveniently walks up.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], do you know if we have… uh…”

Manager: “How can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “I need yellow.”

(My manager wanders off after looking at me seriously confused, and the customer leaves the store. Two minutes later, the customer walks back inside carrying a bag of ice.)

Customer: “Yellow, yes?”

(The bags of ice at my store and the storage containers for the bags of ice do not have anything about them that are yellow, nor has anyone put anything on or near them that are yellow. And no, my manager couldn’t make sense of it either.)

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