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Maybe Her Brain Has A Leak, Too

, , , , | Working | November 3, 2020

It’s a holiday, so most offices are closed. I leave my house and see water bubbling up out of the street. I call the water company to report a break. The recorded message tells me the office is closed for the holiday but to hold for emergencies. Eventually, someone answers.

Clerk: “This is [Water Company]. How can I help you?”

Me: “I need to report a water main break at [Street], [Town].”

Clerk: “A water main break? I don’t have any reports of a water main break in [Town].”

Me: “That’s why I am reporting it.”

Clerk: *Loud sigh* “Fine. What’s the nearest cross street?”

Me: “It’s on [Street] at the corner of [Cross Street].”

Clerk: “And I’m going to need your name and a good phone number so my on-call guy can have you show him where the break is.”

I give my name and phone number.

Me: “I don’t think he’ll need to call.”

Clerk: “Of course, he’s going to call. He needs someone to show him this ‘break.’”

The on-call guy takes thirty minutes to arrive. By the time he does, the police have blocked off the street. The bubbling water has now turned into a twenty- to twenty-five-foot high fountain. He parks the truck and gets out and starts filming. Once he’s taken his video, he removes some tools and manages to shut off the water. I’m standing on my porch watching him when he starts to make a phone call. My phone rings and I answer it.

Tech: “Hi, I’m the on-call tech for [Water Company].”

I wave and call to him instead of talking on the phone.

Me: “Hi. I’m assuming you found the leak.”

Tech: “Yeah. I got a dispatch that said I had to call you to locate the leak. I’m assuming that was it.”

Me: “Yes. It wasn’t that bad when I called.”

Tech: “I figured. I still don’t know why I had to call you.”

Me: “Me, either.”

Tech: “That dispatcher is known for not believing there’s a broken main until she gets at least five calls. I guess she didn’t believe you.”

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