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Maybe They Have 10/20 Vision

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(My fiancé and I are in a national chain that sells craft and sewing supplies. We get our items and go to the cash register. The total is under $10. I hand the cashier a $20. I watch as she puts the $20 into the cash drawer, pulls out a ten, and puts it on top of the drawer, then counts out the rest of my change. She hands me the change, all but the $10.)

Cashier: “Here’s your change.”

Me: “No, I paid you a twenty. That ten is part of my change.”

Cashier: “No, you gave me a ten. I put it there.”

Me: “No, I just came from the ATM; it only gives twenties. I gave you a twenty. That ten is part of my change.”

Cashier: “No, it isn’t.”

(At this point I look at my fiancé, look at the cashier, and take a deep breath.)

Me: “Okay, then, call the manager. I need the right change.”

Cashier: *with some attitude* “Fine.”

(Ten minutes later, the cashier and the manager came out from the back room, and the cashier handed me my change. Out of a twenty. I don’t think the manager remembered this, but a few years later, my wife ended up working at that same shop! And, being very poor college students, neither of us felt too bad about making the cashier count her drawer. We needed that $10!)

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