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Maybe If Daddy Did The Shopping More Often…

, , , , | Friendly | March 11, 2018

(My father-in-law and I are in the checkout lane of a grocery store. A woman with a child around three or four is in front of us. The little girl is in the cart handing stuff to her mother. She smiles and says hello to my father-in-law.)

Father-In-Law: “My, but you are a big girl, helping your mommy!”

Girl: “I always help my mommy and daddy!”

(The mother is smiling proudly.)

Father-In-Law: “I bet your daddy thinks you are a big help.”

Girl: “Mommy says Daddy is an a**hole.”

(The mother turned several shades of red and hurried out of the store. That was the last time my father-in-law talked to children in the grocery store checkout lane.)

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