Maybe “Assault” Means Something Different In Australia?

, , , , | Friendly | October 13, 2020

We live next door to a house on a corner. Their driveway is on the opposite side of the house to ours; however, they have a gate to their yard right next to our driveway. The tenants insist that THIS is their driveway. People often park in front of the gate, causing the neighbours to lose it every time. They scream obscenities at anyone they catch parking there or leave abusive notes on the cars. However, they never call the council because they know they aren’t right!

One day, I park there as I’m just ducking home to get changed before going out again. The two women are in the yard with their car, but the gate is closed. I go into my house and come out about thirty minutes later to find an abusive note threatening police if I park there again. They are still in the yard but quickly turn their backs to me. I scrunch up the note and throw it in the yard, get in the car, and drive off just as they come running out, screaming.

Neighbours: “Assault! That’s assault! You assaulted us! That’s it! We’re calling the police!”

It turns out that they were awful tenants and the lease was not renewed.

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