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Maybe Allowed You To BREATHE, For One?

, , , | Right | January 9, 2018

(As I’m ringing up a customer who is only purchasing a small item:)

Me: “Would you like a bag, sir?”

Customer:Of course I do; I don’t want to be arrested.”

Me: *fake smiles as I put his item in a bag*

Customer: “Why did you ask? Are you required to ask customers?”

Me: “No, but a lot of people either bring their own bags or do not want to waste a bag when they don’t mind carrying their items back.”

Customer: “That’s just preposterous! Why would they do that?”

Me: “Well, it’s just better for the environment.”

Customer: *scoffs* “The environment?! What has the environment ever done for me?!”

(I’m an environmental scientist major.)

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