May We Suggest An Anger Management Survey?

, , , | Right | November 23, 2020

I work at a call center for opinion polling. The survey today lasted about five to ten minutes, depending how fast we ask and the pollee answers.

Me: “I’m calling for a small survey; it shouldn‘t take longer than ten minutes.”

Pollee: “Okay, that‘s fine. I‘m glad to help.”

The first few questions are about politics and the pollee answers very excessively. I only ask about seven questions and it takes nearly nine minutes. Even in this time, he asks about the remaining time several times and I tell him to stick to my answers for a faster end.

Pollee: “So now we are at ten minutes, so we’re finished, right?”

Me: “No, sir. I’m afraid we’re not nearly halfway through.”

Pollee: “But you said it’s not more than ten minutes!”

Me: “Yes, but only if you answer my questions directly. Your answers are pretty long, so we will need longer for the survey.”

Pollee: “But you said it’s only ten minutes! I’m not doing that survey if it lasts longer than the promised ten minutes!”

Me: “Sir, please calm down. I said it’s ten minutes, but not if you tell a story to answer every question. If you stick to my answers, we can end this in no more than five more minutes.”

Pollee: “Five more? I already lost ten minutes to you! I’m not gonna do this. I’m ending this now!” 

I heard him putting the phone down, but it was not completely hung up. He screamed to his wife about me, asking how I dared to lie to him. I hung up my phone and continued my work.

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