May Be Hard To Numb-erstand Me

| Working | June 30, 2013

(I’m at the dentist getting fillings. Note that one side of my mouth has been numbed.)

Assistant: “Has your medical history changed since your last visit?”

Me: *feeling numb* “I know I’m on different medicathons than the lasth time I wath here.”

Assistant: “I don’t seem to have the update form here. I’ll go grab a copy.”

(The assistant leaves, and the dentist comes in.)

Dentist: “Where’d she go?”

Me: “She had to gwab a form.”

(The assistant comes back with the form and a clipboard.)

Assistant: “Okay, what are you taking now? And do you remember the doses?”

Me: *getting number* “I’m on [5-syllable med] at 5mg and [7-syllable med] at 50mg.”

Assistant & Dentist: “Uh…”

Me: “How’s about I justh wite it down?”

(I take the clipboard and fill out the info, and sign it.)

Dentist: “I never would’ve spelled that right.”

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