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Maw-Maw Has A Magnetic Personality

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Unfortunately, both my father and his brother have fallen into the hardcore conspiracy theory side of the current health crisis. Meanwhile, both of my grandparents on that side got vaccinated as soon as it was available to them in March, and they are still incredibly upset at both of their sons for their decisions.

While they do allow my father to visit them, they force him to follow the recommended guidelines and don’t let him inside. My uncle, on the other hand, lives out of state, and eventually my Maw-Maw breaks “as he is still [her] son!” and they decide to visit him in July. This is part of the conversation I have with her over the phone after she comes back.

Maw-Maw: “The moment we got there, I swear [Uncle] was trying to piss me off! He spouted some bulls*** about the vaccines making people ‘magnetic’ and then he tried to stick a magnet on me. Thing is, that couillon (fool) pushed it on me so hard that, of course, it stuck! And it hurt, too! So, I grabbed it and pushed it right back into his arm so it stuck and made sure he knew exactly how stupid he was.”

She didn’t tell me much more about how their visit went, but I took this to mean that it didn’t go very well. Gotta love Cajun grandparents, though.

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