Math Is A Whole Different Hell

| Learning | April 22, 2015

(I go to a Christian school. Every week we have to take a Christian Education class. This is a class taught by a random teacher in a random room. This year everyone in my math class has Christian Ed the period before math with the same teacher in the same class. Because of this, many students like to ask dumb questions 10 minutes before the class ends to cut into the next period. These questions happen every week with either exactly the same questions or slight variations.)

Student #1: “Miss, I want to be a Jew. I just think they are so much better than Christians. How do I become a Jew?”

Teacher: “I don’t know. I’m a Christian. Look it up in your spare time.”

Student #2: “Why can’t you tell us? Weren’t the chosen people Jews?”

Teacher: “We don’t have time to go into this right now. Ask me later.”

Student #1: “Why not?!”

(This repeats itself for another five minutes until:)

Student #1: “Why can’t we say ‘bloody hell’ at school? Both words are in the Bible.”

Student #2: “Whenever I say it I get in trouble.”

Teacher: “Because one’s a descriptive word and the others a name of a place.”

Student #1: “But both words are mentioned in the Bible!”

(Despite them always doing this the teacher never caught on and we always started math five minutes late!)

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