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Math Class Is Full Of Numbers

| Learning | January 7, 2015

(For some reason this semester we have a very large math class. Normally there are 20-30 students. This year there is almost 70. This happens during day one roll call:)

Teacher: “Okay, now there’s a lot of us here, so when I call your name I want you to stand up so I can see your faces. [Name #1]?”

(A boy in the back stands up, then sits down.)

Teacher: “[Name #2].”

(Two boys stand up.)

Teacher: “Which of you is [Last Name]?”

Boy #1: “Me”

Teacher: “Okay. [Extremely Common Chinese Name]?”

(Six girls stand up.)

Teacher: “Oh. This really isn’t going to work is it? Just out of curiosity, [Extremely Common American Boy’s Name]?”

(Four boys stand up.)

Teacher: “Yep, put your student numbers on your tests and papers.”

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