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Masters’ Degrees Of The Universe

, , , , | Learning | April 26, 2013

(I have recently started a college program focusing on video game creation. Needless to say, most of the students and teachers are a little geeky. I’ve just made some drawings for a group project and need to scan them, but I am having issues getting the scanner to work.)

Me: “Excuse me, [name of teacher]. I can’t seem to get the scanner to work. Could you help me with that?”

Teacher: “Sure, let’s have a look.”

(We go back to the scanner and I put one of my drawings on the scanner bed.)

Teacher: “Now look, here’s what you do…”

(He proceeds to stand in front of the scanner, and dramatically raises his arms.)


(After a few moments of silence he calmly turns back to me while I’m left staring at him rather flabbergasted.)

Teacher: “And if that doesn’t work, you try this…”

(He then moves to the computer attached to the scanner, and shows me the menu option I’d overlooked. Within a minute, I had my scans. The man is still one of my favorite teachers.)

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