Massive Light-Bulb Moment

| Related | July 29, 2013

(Our summers are usually spent at home because dad doesn’t tend to get much vacation time. We have summer homework. Being a self-starter, I have already finished mine. Mom has asked me to help my younger brother with his. He is very smart, but not always very proactive.)

Me: “So what is your project supposed to be on?”

Brother: “Lighthouses.”

Me: “Okay, so what is the problem?”

Brother: “I don’t know about lighthouses.”

Me: “They’re tall buildings near the sea that have lights at the top.”

Brother: “I KNOW THAT! But I don’t know anything about lighthouses!”

Me: “They’re all up and down the coast. Come on, we can check on the internet.”

(I spend several hours pulling up information on lighthouses. My brother looks more and more flustered.)

Me: “How was that? Is it a good start?”


Me: “MOM! It’s your turn. I’m done.”

Mom: “How is it going?”

Me: “It’s not. I’m done. I’m going to go and read a book.”

Mom: *to brother* “Do you have any ideas for your project?”


(I leave. Half an hour later, I hear my mother shouting and slamming around. She tears open my door and looks at me as though she is about to throw something.)

Me: “What’s wrong, Mom?”

Mom: “I’m angry! I’M FURIOUS! Pack up some clothes and get in the car. You have ten minutes. WE’RE GOING ON VACATION, D*** IT! LIGHTHOUSES!”

(We drive up and down the coast and visit several lighthouses. By the end, my brother has a great project – and knows WAY more than he ever wanted to about lighthouses.)

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