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Massaging The Truth

| Learning | March 24, 2017

(We are in the palpation lab of our anatomy class. We are currently learning the different muscles and their tendons in the forearm, wrist, and hand. One of our female classmates is a trained massage therapist, and has a couple of over-developed muscles in her wrists, because of how strong her forearms are for massage. This is a conversation initiated by a girl that isn’t in our lab section, but is sitting in on our section today.)

Classmate #1: “Wow, [Massage Therapist], what is that? Those muscles are weird looking!”

Instructor: “I wouldn’t call them weird; they are extraordinary!”

Massage Therapist: *laughs*

Classmate #1: “Why do they look like that?”

Me: “Because she touches naked people…”

Massage Therapist: “…for money.”

(Cue everyone laughing, except Classmate #1, who looked at us like we were completely nuts.)

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