Marrying Together Crazy Ideas

| Romantic | October 7, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are not officially engaged yet, but know that it’s going to happen, and talk about our future wedding from time to time. We are not conventional, and love this quality in each other. We are discussing our wedding online.)

Me: “Can [my dog] give me away at our wedding?”

Boyfriend: “Yes! He can pull you down the aisle in a wagon.”

Me: “I figured he’d just walk down the aisle next to me, and steal any food that anyone might have as we walk.”

Boyfriend: “Because our wedding will have a cotton candy vendor.”

Me: “And an ice cream cart! So we eat choco-tacos in our formal wear.”

Boyfriend: “God I love you!”

Me: “I’m not joking, by the way.”

(I send him a link to a website for a company from which people can rent ice cream carts.)

Boyfriend: “Yes!”

Me: “And it’ll be catered by [pizza delivery place].”

Boyfriend: “…I just came.”

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