Marrying Into The Fudd Family

| Related | May 12, 2013

(I am visiting with my fiancée’s family. My fiancée’s two-year-old nephew is taking one person at a time by the hand, leading them into his grandmother’s room, playing with them a bit, then coming back out. He’s got a big foam sword he’s carrying around everywhere. Finally it’s my turn.)

Me: “Oh, I get to go see what’s going on in there now?”

Nephew: “Yeah!”

(We go in, but rather than the rampant running around and sword fighting he’s been doing with everyone else, he starts peeking into corners under the bed.)

Me: “Hey, what are you doing there, buddy?”

Nephew: “Kiw da wabbit.”

Me: “Kill the wabbit!? With your speaw and magic hewmet?”

(His face lights up like the fourth of July, and he starts laughing.)

Nephew: “Yeah!”

(He’s being raised on ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Conan the Barbarian’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’, and now ‘Looney Tunes’. He’s the nicest, friendliest kid I’ve ever met. He knows not to rough-house with someone who’s ‘unarmed’. I love my new family!)

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