Married To The Job

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(My husband and I are shopping for storage containers in a store where the employees wear black shirts and khaki pants. He’s wearing a red shirt and jeans.)

Me: “Maybe we should get the bigger one.” *points to large container on a shelf above my head*

Husband: “Let me get one down so you can see the size.” *gets down container*

Me: “Yeah, I think that’s the right size. I need at least two. Do you think—”

(Suddenly a random customer interrupts us:)

Customer: “EXCUSE ME! I am tired of waiting.”

Me: “Oh, am I in the way? Sorry.”

Customer: “No, I need help.” *turns to my husband* “Where is the automotive department?”

Husband: “Back there.” *points towards back of the store*

Customer: “Take me there.”

Husband: “No. I don’t—”

Customer: “I’ll have your job for this!” *storms off to find manager*

(A couple minutes later, we are in the checkout line with three containers. The customer storms up with the manager.)

Customer:There he is! I want him fired.”

Manager: “Who?”

Customer: “That employee right there. Now he’s carrying her stuff for her. This is highly unprofessional.”

Manager: “That customer? He’s not an employee.”

Customer: “Of course he is. He got something off the shelf for her.”

Manager: “No, they are both customers.”

(Finally, the woman with the customer speaks:)

Woman: “For God’s sake. It’s her husband. He got something down for her. Would you please shut up?!”

(The customer then wandered off, mumbling something about not wearing the uniform if you don’t work there.)

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