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Married To A Bad Idea

, | Learning | July 18, 2013

(A girl in my year comes up to talk to me in the library.)

Girl: “So, we don’t really know one another, but I need to tell you about the party, and you should have joined the student society, and—”

Me: “Sorry. Look. We have a test in three days. Please let me read.”

Girl: “Why? You’re always reading.”

Me: “I’m thinking about going for a research masters, and to do that, I need average of 7.5. So I need to study. Please let me.”

Girl: “LIAR!”

Me: “What?”

Girl: “The only reason any woman goes to university is to get a husband with an education; they earn more! You don’t need a good average, no woman does!”

Me: “…”

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