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Married To Sheldon Cooper, Part 16

, , | Romantic | June 13, 2017

(I’m the idiot in this one. My family often jokes that I’m a true cat person — not just that I like them, but that I’m neurotic like a cat, as well. They DO love their routine and tend to get upset with changes. Now, my husband and I have a simple evening routine during the week. He gets ready for bed while I take care of the cats, and then I get ready for bed and join him in the bedroom. The timing usually works out perfectly for me to just head into the bathroom once the cats are fed. This night, however…)

Me: *without even looking, opens bathroom door*

Husband: *chuckles* “Not done quite yet.”

Me: *stares unbelievingly* “But… you’re supposed to be in the bedroom by now.”

Husband: “I know. I’m dawdling a bit, but I’ll be out in a minute.”

Me: “But you’re not supposed to be in here anymore!”

Husband: *patiently* “Dear, why don’t you sit down and wait a minute, and then it’ll all be as usual.”

Me: “But you don’t understand. We have a routine. You didn’t follow the routine.”

Husband: *sighs and closes bathroom door in my face*


(What really made my husband break into hysterics was that when he was done, he thoughtfully left the bathroom light on for me, only for me to enter the room on autopilot and promptly push the light switch, leaving me in pitch darkness. I’m sure glad he puts up with my weird ways!)

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