The Marriage Was Knife While It Lasted

, , | Related | August 2, 2017

(I am a six-year-old little girl and my parents and I are watching a movie in our living room. There is a scene where a woman is being attacked by a man, while the woman’s husband is nearby. The woman can’t call for help because she’s being threatened with a knife to stop screaming.)

Dad: “Stupid woman! All she has to do is call out for help and her husband will save her. It’s all her fault that she’s being raped and the guy gets away.”

Mom: *outraged* “Are you serious?! The other guy has a knife and will stab her to death if she does!”

Dad: “Even if she gets stabbed, it’s better to go down fighting than just lying there. The crazy guy might stab her anyway even if she doesn’t call for help.” *looks at me* “Make sure you always call for help, ok? Even if there’s a knife. Don’t be stupid like this woman and let him get away with it!”

(Mom started yelling at him, and I just nodded to make peace. Only much later I realized why Mom was so upset.)

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