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Many Customers Are Not Used To Thinking A Lot

, , , , | Right | November 19, 2020

I have a destination trailer stationed at a campground year-round. I put it up for sale: the trailer, the storage shed, the deck, and the golf cart. Many people are only looking for a golf cart. I specify in the ad, very clearly, in bold letters, that the cart is not sold alone — that everything is being sold as a whole lot, not individually.

I get an email.

Client: “How much just for the golf cart?”

Me: “Just for the golf cart it’s [full price] and I’ll give you a trailer, a shed, and a deck with it.”

Client: “I mean, I just want the golf cart, not the rest. How much just for the cart?”

Me: “As specified in the ad, if you want the golf cart, it’s [full price], and you’ll get the cart, the trailer, the shed, and the shack.”

Client: “I don’t want everything, just the cart.”

Me: “The cart is not sold separately. It is written in the ad. It is sold as a whole. I sell everything at once or nothing. I won’t give you a price for just the golf cart.”

He never contacted me again. I had my fun.