Manners Maketh Them Uncomfortable

, , , , | Right | August 29, 2019

(I’m staying in a hotel. I have to print something, so I run down to the business center to do so. It’s right off the main lobby. While I’m waiting for my paperwork to print, I hear the lady at the front desk talking to a vendor.)

Front Desk: “…and there you are, sir. Have a nice day!”

Vendor: “Don’t call me, sir!”

Front Desk: “I’m sorry… sir.”

Vendor: “Stop that! You make me feel old when you call me ‘sir.’ I’m not old!! Why did you even call me that?!”

Front Desk: “Because I have manners, sir.”

(My document finished printing at that moment. I grabbed it and ran out of the business center before I started laughing. Whoever you are, front desk lady, I hope you didn’t get in trouble, because that was GREAT!)

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