Manipulation For Breakfast

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(My mom watches my kids while I work. They eat breakfast at home, lunch at grandma’s, and dinner at home. I come to pick them up one afternoon and my mom is upset.)

Mom: “As soon as you left this morning, they both asked for food. They said they were hungry. I asked them if you fed them breakfast and they said no!

(She then launches into a lengthy diatribe about how I need to be better organized, get up earlier, allow time to feed them, etc. She finally stops long enough for me to get a word in.)

Me: “[Son]? Come here a second.”

(My oldest comes over.)

Me: “Did Dad feed you breakfast this morning?”

Son: “YES! We had oatmeal and he put raisins in it and gave us juice and milk. It was really good.”

(I look at my mom and wait for her to respond. She hesitates for a bit and finally responds.)

Mom: “Well, I didn’t think to ask that.” *addressing my son* “So, why did you tell me you were hungry?”

Son: “Because you have [Sugar-Coated Cereal] and we don’t.”

(She has now learned to ask different questions.)

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