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Managing The Relationship

| Working | May 5, 2014

(My boyfriend, who was married once, works with me in the same company. I’ve just had a meeting with our new program manager, who I’ve just informed about our relationship.)

Me: *to boyfriend* “I told [Manager] we are in a relationship. He didn’t know.”

(My manager walks over for a chat.)

Manager: “So, I heard you guys are a couple! I remember [My Name] recently said she was going to watch a movie at your house. Now I get it.”

Me: “Oh, that’s nothing. It’s my habit to date all employees here.”

Boyfriend: “Yep. She does that.”

Me: “I don’t even care if you’re married!’

Manager: “… I could be divorced by tomorrow. What do you say?’


Manager: “Right… Let’s get back to work!’

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