Managing The Managing Situation

| Working | July 28, 2015

(Recently, we received a call from head office saying that we will be getting a new manager, due to our previous manager not being a good fit for our staff. As we are a very new store in a well-sized independent chain, I can clearly remember the first two days I worked, in which I was taught how to section books by an assistant manager from a nearby city. When I get our new manager’s name, my ears perk up.)

Me: “[Name] from [Nearby City] who was an assistant manager? I think I know her! She helped us out in the beginning!”

Assistant Manager: “No, you’re thinking of [Other Manager] from [Other Store].”

Me: “Oh? But I thought…”

(I think very hard about this during my shift before turning to another coworker.)

Me: “No, no, it’s got to be her. She helped me use Wordstock for the first time. Said she even dreamed about bookstore sections once. And [Assistant Manager] said she was one of the best at Wordstock in the company!”

Coworker: “And you’re saying she was helping us out in the very first few days, when the store wasn’t even fully built?”

Me: “Yeah! I swear to God, I’m not crazy. I just got to find out by Monday!”

(No one else in the store, save for me, seems to remember this manager, but I am resolute on knowing the truth. I come in for my afternoon shift on Monday and see a familiar face walking around the store with a clipboard. She turns to look at me.)

New Manager: “Well, hello there!”

Me: “I knew it! I knew that I knew you! You helped us on the first few days!”

New Manager: “Yep! And I remember you, too!”

Me: “You do?”

New Manager: “Yeah! You’re [My Name]! I remember you being so helpful from the very beginning.”

(One day into her job, and she’s already proven a better fit for us than our previous manager, who worked with us for almost a year!)

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