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Managing The Department Of Truth

, , , | Right | July 9, 2019

(I usually work mornings in a big home improvement warehouse in the paint department. It’s usually pretty slow with regular contractors coming in. One regular just placed his order and I’m in the process of making it as he talks to another associate.)

Contractor: “He’s too young to be working here. How old is he, 12?”

Associate: “He’s actually the department supervisor. He runs it pretty well.”

Contractor: “Y’all must really be desperate. Shouldn’t you still be in school? Do you know anything about hard work?”

Me: “Sir, my father has a home remodeling company that I’ve been working with since I was 12. I took this job a year ago because I had to pick up some extra bills. I actually quit that job last month when I got this promotion.”

Contractor: “Yeah, it looks like he fired you because you can’t handle it.”

(Trying to hide my frustration, I spill a little bit of paint.)

Contractor: “Oh, you f****** moron. He fired you because you are clueless!”

(The associate then steps back as the customer starts laughing.)

Contractor: “You know nothing; I can see it in your eyes. You can’t handle a real man’s work so you joined this cake job.”

Me: “Sir, not like it’s any of your d***ed business, but I took this job because my father’s business started to fail because of his failing health. I had to quit and find a steadier paycheck to help pay his bills. I am 20 years old. I live in my own house and pay all my own bills, manage a whole department with seven people in it, and am completely self-sufficient. I don’t do drugs or stay up all week partying, and I for d***ed sure don’t critique people I have never met before in my life. Now, I would appreciate if you would stop trying to prove that you are some f****** amazing person when you are just an a**hole!”

Customer: “Where is your manager?! You can’t talk to me like this!”

(The associate that was originally talking to him was wide-eyed and the man started yelling across the store. My manager came running up to figure what was going on, and the customer then started going off about how I cursed him out and how I give horrible customer service. Since he comes in every day, he was given a discount and sent on his way. I was lucky enough not to be fired since the associate vouched for me saying the man started everything. I was only given a write-up.)

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