Managers That Turn That Frown Upside Brown-ie

, , , , | Right | April 3, 2019

I am working a short shift. This woman and her daughter come through the drive-thru and order a triple brownie sundae and five drinks. The brownie doesn’t take long to make, but the drinks take a while. We only have two blenders so we have to do three sets of drinks. We give her the brownie while she waits for the drinks.

Minutes later, I open the window to give her the carriers that her drinks are on, and she throws the plastic dish her brownie came in at me and says that we forgot the whipped cream — we didn’t — and that we are to remake it. All the while, her daughter is shoving her stupid iPhone in my face with a picture of the brownie on it, saying, “My momma right, b****”.

Obviously, I am done with these people, so I turn to go get the manager, but she has been standing behind me the whole time. She tells me that she will take care of the rest. She opens the window and says, “I made your brownie, and there was whipped cream on it. Want to argue? Call a lawyer.”

She proceeds to put each individual drink on the roof of this woman’s minivan and shuts the window. The woman repeatedly beats the window to get our attention, but the store owner then gets on the intercom system and says that this woman is on video, and that she is banned and barred from the establishment.

Still one of my all-time favorite managers.

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