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Manager, Manage!

, , , , | Working | June 17, 2020

I recently bought a little manicure set, the kind that you can fit in your purse, in some kind of “dollar shop” where they have cheap products but from decent quality.

My mother is in the hospital for a few weeks and asks me if I can buy her one of those sets so she can take care of her nails while there, so I go back to the store and see that they still have a lot of them, but instead of the one I bought, they’re not wrapped in plastic with the barcode on them. 

I check the basket they’re in to see if there’s any plastic with the barcode to take to the cash register, but I don’t find any.

I figure they’ll know what to do at the cash register and go on with my shopping. When I’m at the register, this conversation happens with the manager. I go there often and know that the lady at the cash register is the manager and not just a cashier.

Manager: “There’s no barcode on this.”

She gestures to the manicure set.

Me: “Oh, they were all like this; I didn’t find any with the code on it.”

Manager: “I can’t scan this with no code.”

I’m a bit speechless. I don’t know what to say or do at this reaction.

Me: “Um, okay…”

Manager: “You should have asked somebody to get a code on this.”

Me: “Well, I browsed the whole store—” *I did!* “—and didn’t see anybody from the store, to be honest.” 

I really didn’t see anybody!

Manager: “You should have searched for somebody and asked to put a code on this.”

Me: “Was I supposed to, I don’t know, enter the breakroom and get somebody? Wouldn’t that be your job? Like now, can’t you just call someone, or check on your computer for a code or something?”

Manager: “Next time, ask somebody.”

Me: “Next time, make sure your products are labelled properly. It’s not a customer’s job to do so.”

She kept muttering, “You should have asked somebody,” the whole time. She eventually managed to — manually — scan the manicure set, and I could finally pay and leave.

The sad thing is, this kind of thing happens quite often in that store.

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