Management Versus The Couponator

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(I’m a male working as a cashier in an area where that’s normally a job for women. Of course, our store is unusual in that all but one of our management staff members are women. Today, I am working and this very rude, elderly customer with all the sense of entitlement and arrogance that come with being a retired professor from a Christian college insists on me accepting his coupon that he knows expired two weeks ago. I agree to call my manager to the front.)

Old Man: “Yeah, get the manager. Bring him out.”

Me: *pages* “Manager to the front.”

Manager: “How can I help?”

Old Man: “I didn’t ask for another cashier. I wanted to speak to the manager.”

Manager: “I am the assistant store manager and lead for this shift, which my vest and badge both show. How can I help?”

Old Man: “That’s sweet, hon. I said I wanted to talk to the manager of this store about getting this young kid—” *I’m thirty* “—to do his job and accept my coupon. Where is he?”

Manager: “I am the only manager at this store right now. If you want to speak to someone and get your matter resolved, it will be me.”

Old Man: “I’ll come back when there’s a man to talk to, not some little girl.”

Manager: “I’ve had enough and tried to be nice. I was watching and listening from the cameras in the back office, so I can take care of this now.”

Old Man: “Good, I want the coupon for half off plus some for my troubles today.”

Manager: “One, you’re not getting a discount because this coupon expired already and there’s no way to honor it, so stop trying to bully my cashier into giving you a discount you don’t deserve. Two, your behavior is clearly unprofessional to a level that I’m banning you from entering this store for 24 hours. If you come back and bully my cashiers or act in the derogatory manner you’ve displayed today, it will become a permanent ban.”

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