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Managed To Find The Perfect Fix

| Working | February 9, 2015

(I am a lab scientist. Our hospital stocks small hand-held analyzers that can run some tests. Laws say that to calibrate or do anything with altering the analyzer’s technical or clinical functions, a certified lab scientist has to do it. I am running quality control and making adjustments to the hand-held analyzers when it gives me an error that I’ve never seen before. I walk to where our phlebotomists hang out when they aren’t doing anything, to ask if any of them have seen the error before. As I walk, I continue messing with the analyzer, trying to get it to work.)

Me: “Hey, guys have any of you… Nevermind. I fixed it.”

Phlebotomist #1: “What?”

Me: “Oh, it was just giving me an error I’d never seen before. But I fixed it.”

Phlebotomist #2: “If there’s an interface error, they reset automatically and fix themselves. You didn’t do anything.”

Me: *Shush. I am certified. And I pressed a button. I fixed it!”

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